Taste of Allergies

Recipes for Survival When You Can't Eat Anything

By two months old, our son (Titus) developed extreme food allergies with severe eczema reactions. This cookbook is a collection of hypoallergenic recipes we developed for him over the next two years. We hope it is a blessing to many!

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What Ingredients Are Included?

When our son developed extreme allergies and severe eczema, we started with a Total Elimination Diet (TED) diet of only 5 basic foods (pears, zucchini, yellow squash, wild rice, and salmon) for mom (Mariya), who was nursing baby boy (Titus). After some improvement, we spent the next two years carefully "challenging" new ingredients to find out if they would be tolerated by Titus. During this time, Titus' condition improved dramatically because of strict diet and intense skin care. This cookbook includes recipes we developed throughout this process. Here's an overview of the ingredients used in this book:

Dairy Free

Grain Free (except rice)

Nut Free

Coconut Free

*almost* Everything Free

Included Foods

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Learn to Cook "Outside the Box"

We had to get very creative. Throughout this two-year journey, we developed many custom recipes for Titus (hence the term Titus Diet). With God’s help, we have learned to adapt and re-develop recipes using ingredients safe for Titus. We’ve learned to make egg foo yung without eggs, cake without grain or nuts, and tortillas without flour. However, there were other times when we were overwhelmed with restricted diet and the thought of trying to cook every single meal from scratch.

Hypoallergenic Recipes

All of the recipes in our book are 100% gluten free, dairy free, and nut free. Titus does tolerate some foods that commonly cause allergies in other people (such as sea food and tomatoes), so a few of our recipes include those ingredients.

What people think

Who Is This Cookook For?

We put together this cookbook with the hope it will be a blessing to many. We especially think of those who, like us, find themselves dealing with severe eczema and allergies in an infant or toddler. We understand how difficult this is. We know the feelings of hopelessness and that nobody understands. We understand how heartbreaking it is to watch your child suffer, not knowing how to help them. These recipes are part of what helped us, and we want to share that. Imagine giving your toddler their first brownie, or pancake, or egg fu yung (with only ingredients that are safe for them). These moments are what we hope you can experience through this cookbook.

Taste of Allergies will be especially useful to those who are:

  • Severely allergic
  • Gluten intolerent
  • Suffering from eczema
  • and more...

Taste of Allergies can help you:

  • Avoid processed foods
  • Take control of your diet
  • Find relief from food-allergy symptoms
  • and more...

Taste of Allergies will teach you how to:

  • Make delicious hypoallergenic meals
  • Render tallow
  • Make two-ingredient sauerkraut
  • Find real food at cheaper prices
  • and more...

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